Wheels for 737CL + NG and A320 family overhaul, tire replacements and all appropriate works (check, repairs and NDT – eddy current). TSA is capable perform all requested NDT works and assembly of wheels with highest quality and high purity, please see our Capability List. Any and all levels of wheel service can be performed based on customer demands and only genuine parts from the manufacturer are used.


Batteries overhaul and service – capacity checks. With given equipment and experienced engineers we are able to offer you service for each of your Aircraft battery – from main batteries, to the smaller emergency battery packs – with full report of battery condition. Check our Capability List.


Oxygen refilling. We are fully capable to check, service and fill your crew and portable bottles with aviation oxygen MIL-27210 supplied by Linde Gas co.

Upholstery shop

Upholstery shop with more than 3 years in aviation and automotive industry is the Upholstery shop capable to make carpets sets and fit in to customer’s aircraft, manufactured new fabric/ leather PAX/ crew seats cushions, galley and aisle curtains and all possible bags useful on board. Shop is able to prepare quality and durable engine covers for A320 and 737Cl & NG. All used material with Burn certificate and Conformity.

Cabin seats parts and interior panels

Cabin seats parts and interior panels repairs. Beginning September 2010 TSA develop new shop for seat tables, armrest and interior décor panel repairs.